Mandippal Jandu

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COCA Success Story

MANDIPPAL is a 23-year-old pop/folk one-man show that inspires and entertains all in the same breath.  Coming from a well-respected musical family its no wonder this youngster finds himself right in the middle of the Toronto scene while opening for major label acts like Jully Black and Justin Nozuka.  I met Mandippal for the first time at Clinton’s Tavern and was immediately intrigued.  After just one verse I was hooked to his sound.  Although he was sitting with his acoustic his stage presence was exhilarating.  Most artists go through life trying to do what Mandippal does on stage almost flawlessly.  When asked about how he developed his stage presence he attributed it to an eight-year journey that started when he found himself on stage alone with out his sister.  Between figuring out how to manage what he refers to as his “awkwardness” and learning from other performers Mandippal really has found a style of his own.  He repeatedly self-identifies as awkward; in reality he’s quite adorable and talented—which isn’t all that bad of a combination come to think about it.

Growing up in a house with sisters between Kitchener and Cambridge with the likes of Jon Secada filling the air it really would seem that Mandippal had all the blueprints for writing the heart felt songs he does.  He is constantly evolving and learning with a focus on song writing and continued performance.  His last CD sold 1100 copies, which for a self-represented artist is astounding.  Using the likes of Myspace and other web resources along with a relentless live performance schedule Mandippal is doing everything right as far as putting himself at the forefront of exposure.  He is completely self managed to this point and has the right combination of lyrical and musical talent to push him into the spotlight.  With songs like Now or Never, Alone, and Feel it’s almost incomparable as to how it is this guy doesn’t already have radio play…or how it’s possible that the 13-26 female demographic isn’t swooning over him.  It’s a great injustice to think that an artist with exposure on OMNI2, Rogers TV Exposing Toronto’s Talent, Indie Love Radio, and The Toronto Independent Music Awards, and played several times with S.C.E.N.E Fest would have totally been lost on me if I hadn’t found myself at Clinton’s Tavern on FACTOR’s Open Mic Night.

With seven years of recording experience, an education in entertainment management, and an incredibly gifted voice accompanied by lyrical savvy the only real question at hand is “why isn’t Mandippal signed to a major record label?”  According to the artist the answer has two parts: the first part is maybe it’s got something to do with being hard to market because he’s brown and the other part is he really needs a manager.  I can’t say I blame him.  Unfortunately a voice like Mandippal’s accompanied by his looks is a real out of the box idea for most radio and music dinosaurs.  I’d argue it’s really at the forefront of what’s great about this country and what’s really great about the Toronto scene.  For Mandippal playing Massey Hall is the ultimate goal.  For this year the goal is getting an agent and a manager, touring with a new album, and becoming the kind of act that people want to open for.

Mandippal is defiantly a solo artist to look out for in 2009.  With his unique drive, tenacious spirit, and most affable sound and lyrics I have no doubt he’ll be a force to be reckoned with on the Indie scene this year.  You can find his upcoming show schedule at  It’s really hard to stop listening once you start.  The Canadian Damian Rice?  Maybe, but, I’d say one day they just might be saying the future up and comers sound like Mandippal.

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