EPK Video Pricing

Video production services for bands, djs, artists, festivals and promoters. See sample videos below or request a free no-obligations quote.

EPK Videos

What’s an EPK Video? Think of it as a documentary video of a band on tour, in the studio or at a show. We will always get a live performance and an interview with a closer look at the personalities and stories that make the band.


Whether a full song of a single artist or a medley of songs with multiple artists, get a high energy video to sell tickets to the next show or showcase your talents to book your next gig.


What’s a projection loop? Have you ever performed at a venue that had a projector? Wouldn’t it be cool to have your logo rendered in 3D and animated on the screen in a loop during your performance? Wouldn’t that be great brand enforcement? How about a text trailer with your music to announce an upcoming event or album release?


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