Web Hosting Provided by WPMUdev

Our platform is hosted with WPMUdev, experts of WordPress hosting. They are not only known as being one of the fastest WordPress web hosts but handle security, server-wide backups and provide a content-delivery-network to ensure your pages load quickly AND a free ssl certificate!

Register Your Domain with GoDaddy

The most affordable domain registrar is GoDaddy. We don't recommend them for web hosting because they have a reputation for being insecure and yield a very slow page speed but when it comes to domain names, these factors don't apply.

We Recommend ZOHO for email hosting

We do not host email accounts, our core focus is maintaining the WordPress platform. However, if you have your own domain name and would like email accounts @yourdomain.com - we recommend signing up with Zoho Mail where you can get up to 5 free accounts.